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Marc Armour. 19, gayboiii, London.
Vet student. Realist. Humanist.
Insta: @marcllama
If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down

Time can be such a funny thing: always moving to the future, glorifying the past and amplifying the pain in frames and glass.
So was our touch half as sacred as I’ve made it seem, or just another fabrication of a half-dream?

Jordan Dreyer. I just can’t.

falling in love with jeremy bolm a little bit. this interview makes me happy on the inside.

this is fucking typical, la dispute are playing the garage with fucking title fight and its fucking £13 and i fucking have £13 but i’m pretty sure it clashes with freshers week. WHAT DO I DO? do i buy tickets anyway and ditch people i haven’t even met yet? close to tears. so close.

EDIT: it’s the week before freshers. phew. FUCK YEAH LA DISPUTE AND TITLE FIGHT!!! now i just need to find someone to come with me :(

But the truth is you weren’t ever there, you won’t ever be
Sometimes I think I’m not either so what do I do
When every day still seems to start and end with you?
And you won’t ever know, you won’t ever see
How much your ghost since then has been defining me

— La Dispute